District Instruction Goals

District Instruction Goals

District Instructional Goals

Goal 1: 100% of students learn the guaranteed and viable curriculum.

Goal 2: Authentic Literacy - College and career ready - 100% students are close readers of complex text, write daily, research, think critically, question, and stake evidence of their learning in collaborative, problem-solving groups.

Goal 3: Response to Intervention/Enrichment - 100% of the teaching staff is highly collaborative and engaged in Formative Instructional Practices (FIP) so that all staff has common language and a clear process for maximizing student growth:

http://filecabinet.eschoolview.com/59E50CA1-B44B-412F-97EB-C88583554A7D/Using.jpgusing desired results (clear learning targets) aligned to quality assessments

http://filecabinet.eschoolview.com/59E50CA1-B44B-412F-97EB-C88583554A7D/collectingjpg.jpgcollecting and documenting evidence of student learning
http://filecabinet.eschoolview.com/59E50CA1-B44B-412F-97EB-C88583554A7D/providing.jpgproviding timely and effective feedback so that students know how to improve; and providing prescriptive intervention and enrichment.

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