Gay Straight Alliance

Gay Straight Alliance

Garfield Heights Gay Straight Alliance


The GHHS GSA brings students of different sexual and gender identities together to talk about issues, meet new people and fight homophobia on campus and in the community. By having fun, raising awareness and reducing isolation we hope to create a safe place to offer support, resources and leadership training.

We will operate with a committee-based leadership model. Specific committees will be formed to address particular objectives, needs and events. 

Meeting Structure:
Weekly meetings in room 213 from 2:45-3:15.


Classroom education – we are creating lesson plans for teachers that include skits, discussion guides and surveys.


Collaboration with other GSA’s – we have met with students from surrounding schools and communicate with them about activities and events

Community Speakers – speakers who have visited are as follows: the head of LGBT marketing at the Ritz-Carlton, an educator from a local environmental education center and we plan to have a speaker from Planned Parenthood

T-shirt – student designed

Fundraising – bake sales


Letter-writing campaigns – letter to the teachers about bullying and hate language

Suggestion/question box – used for discussion topics and activities

Field trips – Northcoast Men’s Chorus at Playhouse Square, GLSEN Youth Conference at CSU, Valentine’s Day Dance at the Cleveland LGBT center

Leadership training – several students have been selected as delegates for the GLSEN Jumpstart youth training program. They attend regular meetings.

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