Guidance Department

Guidance Department

Guidance Information

Garfield Hts. High School Guidance Department: 

Bobbie Marksberry - Counselor for students A thru G
 Robin Castagnola - Counselor for students H thru O
 Sherri Williams - Counselor for students P thru Z
 Sarah Stemberger - Department Secretary

For questions or to schedule appointments, please contact Ms. Stemberger at 662-2800 Extension 52011.  If she cannot help you, she will put you in touch with the proper counselor or administrator.  Remember, we're here to help.  Parent involvement can really enhance your student's high school education.


How Can We Help?

Students are encouraged to visit the guidance office anytime they are free—before school, during a study hall, during lunch, or after school. Students should not miss a class in order to see their counselor unless it is an emergency.


When a student enters the guidance office, he or she should sign in on the clipboard located on the counter. If the counselor is not available, let Ms. Stemberger know the reason for your visit and she will give the appropriate counselor the message. The counselor will contact the student as soon as possible after receiving the message.

What might a student talk to his or her counselor about?

  • I'm here because other students are giving me a hard time.
  • I don’t have any idea what I want to do after graduation.
  • I am having problems with one of my teachers.
  • My girlfriend/boyfriend dumped me.
  • I need help figuring out how to get better grades.

What might a parent talk to a counselor about?

  • I need to communicate with all teachers about a situation at home, school, and/or a medical need.
  • I need some suggestions on how to improve my child’s study habits.
  • What kind of courses does my child need to take to get into college?

The guidance office is a place a student or parent may come to discuss concerns confidentially.

Confidentiality means that personal concerns will not be shared with others. However, counselors are required by law to contact other adults if a situation arises that puts someone in physical or emotional harm. 



Criteria for an Academic Honors Diploma or a Technical Honors Diploma
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