Parent Compact

Parent Compact

Middle School Parent Compact - 2018

Garfield Heights Middle School

Schoolwide Compact 2018-2019

Parent-Teacher-Student Partnership to Support Student Achievement

The responsibility for improved student achievement is shared by parents, teachers and students.

It is the school’s responsibility to provide high-quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective environment that enables children to meet high performance standards.

It is the parents’/ guardian’s responsibility to support their child’s learning.



As a Teacher I will:

  • Provide learning opportunities for students to maximize their potential as individuals.

  • Provide instruction utilizing researched based instruction.

  • Encourage students to view learning as enjoyable lifetime experiences.

  • Communicate progress with parents including ideas for working with their children at home via the school website, notes, and progress reports.


As a Parent I will:

  • Encourage my child’s efforts in schoolwork.

  • Attend parent/teacher conferences regarding my child’s performance.

  • Provide my child with a quiet, comfortable place to study and monitor homework assignments.

  • Provide materials necessary to complete homework assignments.

  • Discuss the importance of school and the importance of returning completed assignments.

  • Permit my child to take advantage of the learning opportunity, provided by school personnel, to help my child when needed.


As a Student I will:

  • Show respect for other students and teachers by listening and participating.

  • Makes choices to be a student of character.

  • Ask questions when I do not understand.

  • Complete my daily assignments at school and at home.

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