William Foster Survey

William Foster Survey


PURPOSE: To obtain some level of community feedback on the overall parents’ feeling about programming and operations at William Foster.

How would you rate the level of education your son or daughter is receiving at William Foster Elementary School?

Would you say that the education and training that your student receives at William Foster Elementary is helping him or her to become a stronger student?

Would you say that your student has a positive connection with the teachers at the William Foster Elementary?

Do you believe that your student is learning in an environment that is safe and secure?

How would you rate the level of teacher effectiveness at William Foster, when it comes to engaging your student?

Are you generally supportive of programs and initiatives that administrators implement to improve student achievement?

Would you say that the principal does a good job of communicating with the parents?

Do you feel administration is engaged or involved in your students’ academic life?

Describe the overall climate at William Foster. Would you say that there is a strong academic environment there?

How would you rate YOUR OVERALL INVOLVEMENT as a parent?

When the time comes for parent-teacher conferences, what time frame best suits your schedule, to establish a conference with a teacher?

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