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Yearbook Staff

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Yearbook Staff

Eric Miller

Eric Miller is a junior who loves the art of film and digital design. He’s been creating videos, and scripts for nearly seven years. He is now proud to be chief editor of the Film Club.

Treat Hanks

Treat Hanks is a junior who plays sports all year long, He runs cross country, track, and wrestles. He is also involved in multiple honors and AP classes along with groups like NHS.

Noah Say

Noah Say is a junior who possesses phenomenal intellectual prowess, though he often lacks awareness of statements that were said five seconds previously. Other than that, he enjoys chatting with friends and playing on the computer.

Cayla Hilton

Cayla Hilton is a senior at GHHS who enjoys long walks at the beach. She is a proud member to Yearbook.

Kaye Paraon

Kaye Paraon is a hardworking student who enjoys the company of others. She is a senior at GHHS and one of the editors in yearbook. She is currently employed. Kaye loves to eat and is ALWAYS hungry. She is the captain of the Volleyball team, other than she also likes to workout.

Jordan Brooks

Jordan Brooks is senior at GHHS and a captain of the football team. He’s very saucy. When he is not playing football or doing school work he likes to get with his friends on the weekend. He also likes to play basketball and video games. His favorite music artist is Travis $cott, Future, and PartyNextDoor.

Trevon McCarver

Trevon McCarver is a senior at GHHS who has a passion for creativity and fun. He is the Captain of the Track & Field and Cross Country teams. Although he adds on more than he can handle, he manages to make things work.

Jayvon Knowles

Jayvon Knowles is a senior at GHHS. He’s the Big Man and a proud member of the yearbook staff. He also shares an idea of becoming a forensic scientist.

Raquel Schuttenberg

Raquel is a 10th grader who likes everything! She is on step team and in theatre.

Jacobia Burns

Jacobia Burns is a 10th grader who is very involved at GHHS. She is a football and basketball team manager. She is a proud member of the Yearbook staff. In addition, she plays softball in the spring. 

Mr. Chamberlin

Mr. Chamberlin has been an English teacher at Garfield Heights High School for 15 years. He primarily teaches 10th grade, with a focus on American Literature. He is also the Yearbook Advisor and the Newspaper Advisor. His interests include Military History, antique machinery, and music. He plays guitar in his free time and he also has a Chocolate Lab named Cleo.

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