Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Welcome to Garfield Heights High School!

Tammy Hager
Dear Students and Staff of Garfield Heights High School,

As the students, staff, and families of our school family collectively prepare for the start of the 2020-2021
School Year, we do so with a continued focus on Bulldog Pride. At the High School, this means being
prepared, being respectful, pursuing meaningful involvement, remaining determined and elevating
excellence as a priority. To our students, I encourage you to vigorously be the very best version of
yourself in all aspects of your student life…in how you handle this particular nuance of remote learning,
in encouraging your peers, in your co-curricular involvements. BE YOUR BEST. Make sure that you are
participating in your online classes on a daily basis. Demonstrate interest to your teachers. Be a leader
among your classmates. You’ll find that daily accountability, as though we were in the classroom,
will aid in what is a lifelong journey to learning. Make your academic and social and emotional
improvement the most important aspect of your being.

Parents should know that we are here to work collaboratively to support the education of your child.
Questions may arise. When they do, feel free to call us at any time. Our supportive team will find the
solutions to any inquiries you have, and do so in a trustworthy and timely manner. A “Who to Contact”
sheet is included in students’ respective opening packets. Encourage your students to call or email
anyone on their list of important contacts.

It’s going to take some Bulldog Pride to make the 2020-2021 School Year successful, but with the
students and families I know, not only will Garfield Heights High School survive the COVID-19 remote
learning experience, but we will thrive. Check-in with classes daily. Maintain your Bulldog Pride. And we
will be on our respective paths forward in this next phase of your academic journey.

Tammy Hager
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