Garfield Heights City Schools Proactively Deploys Anti-Bullying Measures for Preventative Purposes

Over the last year-and-a-half, the Garfield Heights City Schools has deployed a number of proactive measures to prevent and deal with the threat of bullying with our students. The Garfield Heights City Schools takes these anti-bullying measures very seriously, and have instituted a number of protocols, programs and personnel to not only mitigate bullying, but prevent it from even beginning in the first place. To the extent that the Garfield Heights City Schools can control this issue, the district has launched the following comprehensive anti-bullying protocols:

· Garfield Heights Middle School is working with Sandy Hook Promise about bullying prevention

· We have trauma training staff throughout the district

· The GHCS deploys the “Handle with Care” intervention and behavioral support approach

· There are conflict mediation personnel at the high school and middle school who are available to all buildings

· The schools have implemented Campus Impact Training to prevent bullying and encourage positive behavior

· There is a suicide prevention committee that convenes regularly to help build awareness to the most pressing crisis challenges

· There is character education training at all buildings in the district

· A new curriculum, called “zones of education” is being enacted at the elementary and middle school levels, which is a framework to foster self-regulation & emotional control

· For their hard work in promoting positive behavior in the building, William Foster has been awarded the Silver Star by the Ohio Department of Education for their Positive Behavior Intervention Supports initiative

· Some of our district’s guidance counselors have attended and been educated in Character Education in national conferences in both St. Louis and Nashville

· This has resulted in training other staff members in a “growth mindset” for speaking and behaving

· The GHCS is given access to Family Solution Counseling through the mental health family in Northeast Ohio, which the district uses at a top-line resource

· Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Greater Cleveland has a presence in the schools, as a means to mentor young students with leadership examples

· The district has access to Arise Counseling services, a local provider of intervention counseling to help students lead healthier and happier lives

· Cornerstone of Hope bereavement center has established ties with the district to help in the cases of losing loved ones and tempering emotional situations

· The district has a strong partnership with the Family Resource Center and the City of Garfield Heights

· The Word of Righteousness Family Resource Center has a strong presence in our community

· The district has made a meaningful partnership with the Domestic Violence and Child Advocacy Center of Northeast Ohio

· The GHCS has a strong relationship with the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court system and relies on the resources offered through that partnership

· The Girl Scouts of Northeast Ohio have a presence in the district, as a program that supplies options to students for being involved in an organization

· The district has counselors and social workers in all buildings

· Project Aware, another program for students, is supplied to the district through a partnership with the Educational Services Center of Cuyahoga County

· The district maintains a relationship with the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center

All of these resources, and more, are not only available, but are also currently being utilized in the Garfield Heights City Schools. The students and staff have put these to use on a daily basis in every one of the buildings. Our goal as administrators, teachers and counselors is to do everything we can to prevent situations before they occur. Once again, we take the anti-bullying and positive behavior support issues in this district very, very seriously.

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