Antwan Falconer-CVCC Student Highlight

Antawn Falconer, from Garfield Heights, is a senior in Mr. Hance’s

Building and Property Maintenance program. Antawn chose this program
because he was interested in learning about building and wiring
components, the program provides a good overview in both areas.
Antawn’s favorite part of the Building and Property Maintenance
curriculum is the building and carpentry aspects. The class work can be
rigorous, however it ultimately helps students succeed to their fullest
Antawn really values that CVCC has provided him with an opportunity to
learn what he needs to start a career. He also has really enjoyed meeting other students from surrounding areas as well
as getting to know the great teaching staff. Currently, Antawn has a job at Precision Environmental where he is currently
learning what it takes to be a carpenter. Antawn was recently awarded the Outstanding Student award for his class,
which is given to one senior student in each program. Antawn also helps with the blood drive at
Garfield Heights High School as well as mentors kids with special needs. Outside of school, Antawn enjoys hanging out
with his friends and brother as well as playing basketball.
Antawn hopes to stay at Precision Environmental and continue to learn the carpentry trade. He hopes to
become a licensed carpenter and work hard to eventually open his own business. Antawn plans to invest in
houses to fix up and sell, using the skills he has learned at CVCC and at his job. What incredible goals, keep up
the great work Antawn!

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