Thank You CVCC Career Specialist Julie Regula!

The Garfield Heights City Schools would like to thank CVCC Career Specialist, Julie Regula for the wonderful work she has done in the GHCS District.

Below is a synopsis of the 2018-2019 Garfield Heights City School District Career Activities that have taken place.

• EWOW – All 3rd grade students received the Exploring the World of Word Career Interest Assessment. 

Middle School:
6th Grade
• Career Lessons were conducted in all 6th grade classes. Students completed their Holland Code Assessment and were introduced to the Naviance site. They researched careers based on their Holland Code and began to build their career interest favorites. Discussions were had on decision making, goal setting, high school options, college and careers.

7th Grade
• Career Lessons were conducted in all 7th grade classes. Students completed a Career Cluster Inventory utilizing Naviance and researched related careers. Discussions were had on goal setting, career pathways and future planning.

• SCRUBS – This day long program at CVCC introduces male students to a variety of Health Careers as well as giving them the opportunity to lunch with male Health Professionals. Eight, 7th graders, participated in December with Jon Mockbee as their chaperone.

• IT for Girls - This day long program at CVCC introduced female students to a variety of IT Careers as well as giving them the opportunity to lunch with female IT Professionals. Eight, 7th graders, participated this year in December along with Shannon Bailor s their chaperone.

8th Grade
• The Career Cluster Inventory was completed by all students and a worksheet was provided to cross reference their areas of interest to CVCC programing. Using Naviance students further explored careers. Discussion was held about high school planning and future options including employment, military, trade school, college and certifications.
• 8th Grade students toured CVCC to learn about this high school option in February.
• Learning Center students toured CVCC 

Program Information was distributed on the STEM Careers Day at CVCC.
Met with SPED/Intervention program teachers to discuss CVCC resources

High School:
9th Grade
• Students were reintroduced to Naviance and what is offered at the high school level. All students completed a Strengths Profiler and discussion was had on how to best play to your strengths in high school and beyond.

10th Grade
• All students completed the Naviance Career Cluster Inventory to find their fields of interest. Fields were then aligned to our CVCC programs as an option for students at CVCC. 
• Students attended a CVCC presentation
• Interested students and their parents participated in the CVCC Information Night
• Assisted with student registration, enrollment, permission forms, notification and program questions
• Attend CVCC Fieldtrip Day as chaperone
• Attended CVCC Orientation Day as chaperone

Added Applied English Classes for 9/10 Grade Naviance Lessons

11th Grade
• Classroom presentations were made to all English classes on resume writing techniques and the career portfolio.  
• Assistance was given to individual students to complete resumes and references 
• Resumes were critiqued, edited and distributed. 
• Students assembled their Career Portfolios. Instruction was given on how to effectively use their portfolio.
• Presentations were given on how to navigate a Job Fair/interview, how to stand out from the competition and how to make a positive introduction.

12th Grade
• Senior Seminar - Lessons were conducted in all Senior Seminar classes on effective interviewing techniques using the “What not to do in an interview” lesson.
• Mock Interview Day – On November 9th, 20 community members volunteered to conduct mock interviews. Students utilized their career passports and ran through a dress rehearsal of a professional interview.  
• Thank you letters were sent as part of the educational process.  
• Met with Seniors based on counselor referrals for individual student assistance on post-secondary options

General 9th – 12th Grade
• Job Fair - Classroom presentations were given on Job Fair etiquette, how to make a good first impression, interviewing skills and completing a job application.  

Job Fair was held at CVCC on March 7th, with close to 100 employers. Several Garfield Heights students attended and left with interviews scheduled.
• Individual Student Assistance: - Assistance was provided either through guidance referrals or parent/student requests with career assessments, job applications, interviewing practice, resume writing, senior project leads and career assistance.  

• Future Engineers – Open to all students as a first exposure to engineering careers - University of Akron presented to 22 students interested in learning more about engineering

• Glass Ceiling Women's Leadership Group - Open to senior females, with teacher recommendation. This year we have a total of 25 members. Students meet for monthly meetings to discuss matters related to female success. 

This year’s speakers included:
Author, City of Garfield Heights Community Resource Manager, Ruth Pollack
Retired Rear Admiral US Coast Guard, Motivational Speaker, Author – June Ryan
Colonel, Doctor, Clinical Assistant Professor, Dr. Tracy Ringo
Lawyer and Class of 2009 GHHS Alumnus, Brittany Lockyer

• Coordinate Business Participation in Advisory Class video on the importance of attendance in the workplace

• Distribute information on ACT Workshops, College and Career Planning, STEM Careers Showcase, FAFSA Seminar, Scholarship Seminar, Job Fair, Adult Education Open House and Programs 
• First Ring Career Readiness Task Force – Garfield Heights Representative 

• Member of the Career Readiness Leaders Network – Garfield Heights Representative

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