Principal's Message

Principal's Message

A Message from your Bulldog Digital Academy Principal


Winter 2020


On behalf of everyone at the Bulldog Digital Academy, I write to share our excitement and gratitude to the students and families enrolled in our program. Attendance has been AMAZING, particularly for students in Kindergarten through 5th  grade. At the Middle school, we have been making home visits to address those students that are not attending regularly or who are not completing their work. I am very proud of our students and teachers for transitioning so well with digital learning and learning new ways of completing assignments, working in small groups, working with teachers and classmates, etc.


Students, as we all continue through the school year, the staff at the BDA asks you to be on time, complete work promptly, find a quiet place to study, communicate with your teachers if you need help, attend small groups on Wednesdays to get caught up or to get intervention or enrichment as needed. Parents, you are encouraged to contact your child’s teachers as a first step. They are your first line of communication as they are the ones working closely with your child. Please help your child to keep up with their assignments and to be up and ready for school every day. Please also read the parent newsletters that come home each week, it is sent through email and posted on the district website. 


Since Garfield Heights City Schools has decided to remain remote until after winter break, our team at the BDA is hopeful that you will continue with us throughout the entire year. Remember that January 22 is the end of the second quarter, so we ask that all students keep up with their assignments every week until then so that we are not playing catch-up as that time nears. Now that every Wednesday is "offline" we should have less need to catch up at the end of the quarter. 


According to a survey which was recently conducted with teachers to decide what areas each grade level band needed to work on, staff for students in grades K-2 stated that the students need to work on focusing during the lesson on zoom.  Teachers for students in grades 3rd – 5th state that the students need to work on finding a quiet place to learn during the school day.   Finally, teachers for students in grades 6th through 8th stated that the students need to work on getting all assignments completed on time. 


Finally, and once again, I am very proud of the work our students and teachers are doing to make the BDA an option for our parents, families, and students. Thank you for being a partner with us as we work to make this an option moving forward for years to come. 

Brynn Morris
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