Garfield Heights City Schools Awarded $404,000 from US Department of Education

The Garfield Heights City Schools is excited to announce that it has become the recipient of a $404,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Education for the recruitment, retention, and promotion of teachers of color, and to improve instructional practices throughout the school district. This grant for the Garfield Heights City Schools comes as part of a massive funding investment that the federal government is making through the Department of Education to public school districts throughout the country to affirm its commitment to equity and educational access for all. 
“We are extremely delighted that the sustained and dynamic efforts of the Garfield Heights City Schools over the last several years to become champions for diversity, equity, and inclusion,” said Christopher G. Hanke, Superintendent of Schools. “This funding opportunity helps the district to fulfill our strategic plan’s focus to effectively recruit and retain teachers of color in the district.”
This $404,000 will be awarded over the course of a 5-year window in partnership with the Educational Services Center of Cuyahoga County and will be dispersed beginning in 2022. The Garfield Heights City Schools views this grant-awarding as an affirmation of the efforts it has been making in the areas of racial diversity, equity, and inclusion over the last several years. Each passing year has seen continued milestones of the district’s commitment to diversity. Please remain on the lookout for more information regarding the federal funding to begin the systematic and aggressive recruitment of teachers of color. Thank you for your continued support and Go Bulldogs! 

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