Garfield Heights City Schools Acknowledges State Report Card Results, and the Significant Work to Come

The Garfield Heights City Schools acknowledges the performance of the district on the most recent state report card, and while the leadership fully recognizes and owns these results, find them to be totally unacceptable and uncharacteristic of the potential believed to exist among our student body. The Garfield Heights City Schools vows to diligently and compassionately strive toward significant academic improvement. The effort to re-orient our school family’s path forward is already underway, with formal and informal measures being implemented to understand what each child needs in our district. We know that we must reach students effectively. We know that we must genuinely serve our children and improve our work to respond to their individual needs. As professionals in this highly important business of public education, our call to duty is to develop and deploy a prescriptive plan for improvement, including a close analysis of data that drives the stark decisions that must be made in order to evoke change. Each and every student in the Garfield Heights City Schools deserves nothing but the highest standard of our ability to teach, instruct, and grow them. To our school family, the Garfield Heights City Schools will do better. We will improve. The district will not stay in this place. This is our commitment to the Garfield Heights City Schools community-at-large. Thank you for your continued patience and support of our school district.

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