GHCSD Celebrates National School Bus Week (Oct. 17-21) - Safely Rolling to My Destination!

GHCSD Celebrates National School Bus Week (Oct. 17-21) - Safely Rolling to My Destination!
  1. Garfield Heights City School District Transportation Department employs 13 bus drivers, 7 van drivers, and 7 school bus aides. 
  2.  It takes an average of 1-3 months for a driver to complete all the necessary training needed to drive a school bus. 
  3.  A school bus driver must have a Class B CDL and a passenger and school bus endorsement. 
  4.  GHCSD Bus Drivers average 30-40 stops each day. 
  5.  Our GHCSD Bus Drivers safely transport approximately 1500+ students per day.
  6.  Bus Drivers have many responsibilities.  Some of these include pre-tripping the bus by making sure there are no missing, broken, leaking, or loose parts inside, outside, and underneath the bus. Drivers also handle travel for field trips and sporting events that sometimes require them to work very early or late and sometimes overnight.  Drivers also assist between their runs to accommodate evacuation drills, early dismissals, or midday runs.  These are a few of the responsibilities that occur outside of the driver's regular work hours.  
  7.  Regular maintenance is performed on each vehicle.  The staff pre-trips and fills the fluids, and the State Highway Patrol does spot inspections during the school year and annual inspections at the end of the school year. 
  8.  Most of the repairs needed are handled right in our very own Bus Garage. Repairs that cannot be completed there are taken care of off-site. 
  9.  It takes 60-100 gallons of diesel fuel to fill a bus (depending on the size of the bus). 
  10.  A school bus averages 7-9 miles per gallon of fuel. 

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