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Positive Spotlight of Heroic Farms at Maple Leaf

Flowers and fresh produce are being cultivated at Maple Leaf Elementary School with 4th and 5th graders, courtesy of the Heroic Farms growth station and Ms. Louiza Iordanidou, who together are helping provide healthy lessons and beautifying the grounds. This story recently earned the attention of News Channel 5 and reporter Katie Ussin, who has visited the Garfield Heights City Schools on Thursday, May 30th in addition to several times over the last few years to keep the positive stories of our district in the spotlight. See the story here. The Heroic Farms growth station provides a place for flowers, such as zinnias, and produce, such as kale, basil, and more complete with lights, watering systems and more. Katie Ussin’s spotlight focused on the hands-on student learning taking place at Maple Leaf as a direct result. Students learn about produce’s healthy benefits to the human body. The flowers have been transplanted to the courtyard and front signage areas of the building. In all, Heroic Farms is helping Garfield Heights students cultivate, learn valuable critical life skills, and see a positive impact in their lives. Thank you to Katie Ussin, News Channel 5, Ms. Iordanidou, and the students at Maple Leaf for their ingenuity and desire to learn!

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