Community Finance Committee Now Taking Applications

The Garfield Heights City Schools Treasurer’s Office is now seeking applicants for its newly forming
Community Finance Committee. As an outward reflection of the Strategic Plan and effort to pursue
enhanced community engagement, this Community Finance Committee is being created. The district’s
intent is that this committee will be comprised of citizens who have an interest in school finance and
school business management. Since these areas are highly regulated aspects of a school district
operation, having community input and feedback is critical. While the Treasurer essentially serves as the
chief financial officer and reports directly to the Board of Education, it is this person’s responsibility to
oversee the financial operations of the district as well as prepare financial projections. Such planning
should take place publicly, and this Community Finance Committee will help the Treasurer’s Office in the
following key areas:
° Review the Five Year Forecast and Assumptions supporting the forecast on a semi-annual basis.
° Share business and financial best practices from the private and public sectors.
° Review, and gain an understanding of the school district’s financial operations, including the
following important areas: Fund structure and requirements, financial reporting, millage rates,
property valuations, and the tax budget.
° Understanding tax revenues from residential, commercial, and public utility sources
° State Funding (Biennial Budget, Fair School Funding Plan, Homestead/Rollback)
° Annual Appropriation Measure/Budget.
° Understanding of Negotiated agreements
° Special education costs and unfunded mandates
° Understand financial issues impacting the GHCS along with all Ohio Public schools
° Communicate and solicit input regarding school district financial issues raised in the community
Prepare and present periodic reports on the committee’s activities to the Board of Education’s Finance
You can obtain an application here - CFRC application 2021.pdf. Please take a moment to review closely the criteria above, and consider joining the Community Finance Committee. Thank you for your continued support. Go Bulldogs!

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