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Garfield Heights City Schools

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Academic Challenge Team

Garfield Heights High School

What is Academic Team?
- Academic Team is a team based game of questions and answers on topics such as history, literature, science, math, the arts, and popular culture.

When does Academic Team meet?

- We will be meeting every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, starting at 2:40 in room 148. Practice will run about an hour.
What is practice like?

- Practice will consist of the team breaking up into separate groups and simulating actual games based on the next tournament we will play. We also will be making flashcards and additional study materials to better prepare us for the stuff we don’t know.

What do I need to know?

- Ideally, it would be great if you were a genius about everything… but that is unrealistic. Instead, you need to be as close to an expert as possible in whatever your strength is. That could be math and science, or maybe you are a voracious reader and know just about every book in the library. You might even be a pop-culture junkie and can recall every Simpson’s episode ever made (btw, the Monorail Episode is amazing)… No matter what kind of nerd you are, know that this is your home!

What are meets like?

- From meet-to-meet the format is different. Some are NAQT style or OAC meets, others are pop-culture meets, and some are letter meets, so the formats will cater to everyone. Most meets are on Saturday and will last for a few hours. Food is usually provided (average cost is $5 per person), additional fun materials, and of course, I will do anything possible to make the experience a blast.

How many meets will we attend?

-The plan is to attend roughly seven meets this year. That may change due to everyone’s ability to attend each tournament, as well as the availability of tournaments. The ultimate goal is to attend Nationals which will be held in Chicago, Illinois on June 10th.

Keeping in touch:

-We are going to use Reminder 101 to send notifications and updates about the team. Students and parents can download the free Reminder app from your phones app store and enter the following class code: text @swopea to 81010. Best part of the app? I don’t see your number, you don’t see my number and all messages sent by me go to every single group member.
Benjamin Swope
(216) 662-2800
Ext. 52247
WHEN?   Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
TIME?   2:40pm
WHERE?   Room 148 

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