CVCC Registration Information

CVCC Registration Information

CVCC Registration Information

Entry into some programs at Cuyahoga Valley Career Center is very competitive.  Please read the letter below to see the exact criteria.  Remember that absences and tardies begin to count the first day of your 10th grade year -- September 9, 2020  

Dear Sophomore Parent(s)/Guardian:


As your child enters their 10th grade year they will have the opportunity to explore the exciting opportunities that are available through the Cuyahoga Valley Career Center. There are a wide range of programs available to our students as juniors; most of which require a two year commitment.
 We are informing families about the application and selection process now as it can be competitive to get into certain programs. It is important for students to seriously consider career aspirations, personal interests, and abilities in order to make an informed choice. All schools who partner with CVCC get a limited number of spots in each of the programs. Our most popular programs fill up quickly. In order to be as fair as possible, and help students make an educated decision about making a commitment to attend CVCC, Garfield Heights High School uses the below guidelines to prioritize students, as well as a first come, first serve basis. 


  • Attendance (10th grade only) 0-5 absences = 10 points

    6-10 absences = 5 points

    More than 10 = 0 points


  • Tardies (10th grade only) 0-5 tardies = 10 points

    6-10 tardies = 5 points

    More than 10 = 0 points

  • Attend Student and Parent Information Night.

  • Hand in Field Trip Permission Form by January 29 = 5 points

  • Have Electronic Application submitted by February 5, 2020 = 5 points

  • Attendance at February 15 field trip = 10 points

  • GPA (9th grade only)  Above 3.0 = 10 points

    2.99-2.0 = 5 points

    1.99 or below = 0 points

Students will be admitted to programs based on the points they earn.  In the event that two students are tied for an open spot, overall grade point average and teacher recommendations will be considered.

CVCC also has a Priority vs. Regular admission status. Priority admission students have 7 credits by the completion of grade 10. Of those 7 credits 2 must be in math and 2 must be in English. Priority students are given priority for enrollment over regular status students.
 Should you have any questions regarding our point system, or the time line for applying, please call your child’s counselor at 216-662-2800.

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