Logging into Google for GHCS

Logging into Google for GHCS

Garfield's Gone Google. . . .

How do all Students Log into Google Docs?

Students can log into Google for GHCS with the same username and password as they log into any PC in the district.
On a Personal Device:
      You can also download Gmail, Google Drive and log in with your school account.

On a PC at School
Username:  lastname.firstname
On a Chromebook or Chromebox
          Username:  [email protected]

Staff Login

Staff Members can log into Google Apps with the same username and password as they log into any PC in the district.

On a PC:
Username:  firstinitiallastname

This is for most staff members.  However those with original email accounts may have their middle initial in their username.  For example, slbailey.
On a Chromebox or Chromebook:


1.  How to Change Your Password?
All Students and Staff should change their  password on any PC in the district.  Every night your username and password are synched with Google Docs.
2.  How do I know if I am logged into Google Docs?
When you log onto a Chromebox and/or Chromebook - you are automatically logged in to Google Docs.
3.  How do I log into Google on a Chromebook or Chromebox at school?
Username for students: lastname.firstname
4.  How do I log into Google Docs from a PC and/or Mac?

Open the Google Chrome Browser and go to:

 You will enter your entire account [email protected]
 5. Can I download apps on my personal device including Gmail and Google Drive?
            Yes, you can use all the avaiable Google Apps associate with our District Account. 
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