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Garfield Heights City Schools

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Visitor Policy

GHCS Visitor Policy

School building offices are now open.  Should you need to conduct business, please, whenever possible, do it by phone or by email.  If it is necessary to visit a building please obey our Visitor Policy guidelines below. Visitors are not permitted past the office area of buildings.
Also, we ask that you please be patient with the staff as they may not have all the answers to all of your questions at the time due to circumstances beyond their control.  

Visitor Policy
All outside visitors should display a visitors pass/badge. If you see someone that you don't know, as a staff member please direct them to the office. 
Students and staff should NEVER open doors for outside visitors. Instead, they should be directed to the main entrances to be buzzed directly into the office.
Unless your child has a specific reason, do not allow your child to bring a large amount of cash or any valuable items to school.  
Parents, please respect and obey the school policies and procedures on entering a building, who your child can and cannot be released to, and providing proper identification when picking up your student. These procedures are for the safety of all students.

Please obey all school property traffic control signs and devices, parking and school bus rules, and pick-up and drop-off procedures.