Principal's Message

Principal's Message

A Message from the Principal - Ms. Gwen Abraham


Dear Elmwood Elementary School parents, 
The 2021-2022 school year got off to a great start and unfolded even better than anticipated. Teachers and staff members hit the ground running hard with our PBIS and PAX behavior protocols and routines, preparing for the preceding year of uncertainty due to the coronavirus. I can communicate that our students did a fantastic job beginning the school year with an attitude to learn and accomplish those daily routines and expectations with positivity and great listening skills. Thank you to the parents who had their little ones ready for the start of the school year, and the students, who demonstrate super behavior! Throughout the first quarter, we encouraged and practiced, earned some fun Granny Wacky Prizes, and celebrated all the good things that come from being together at Elmwood. 
Students, I want to personally thank you for being amazing PAX leaders at Elmwood! Every day you come to school prompt and prepared, ready to learn. You accept responsibility by making good choices. You continue to work hard building your stamina, work ethic, and understanding that working through frustration is how we make our beautiful brains grow. And lastly, you show respect and friendship towards those around you. Your kindness is your greatest strength!
Parents, thank you so much for reinforcing PAX at home! You support us by reinforcing all of the skills and behaviors that will make our kids great. Keep up the great work and make sure the kids continue to read at home!
One of our initiatives is to continue encouraging students to attend school each day. Our Stay in the Game program rewards our kids for great student attendance. You are a key to our kids' success and we thank you for prioritizing your child's education!  
Students, we know that we always need to work hard to grow and become smarter. I want you to continue to embrace the productive struggle. You know, the frustration our brains need in order to grow. Continue to build this skill because it is a skill you will need to have even when you are a grown-up. You are destined to do great things! Don't ever give up! Parents, please remember to follow our drop-off and pick-up procedures at Elmwood Elementary. You can find them in our weekly Elmwood Update that is sent every Friday in Remind. If you do not subscribe to Remind, the Update is also on the district website and the Elmwood Facebook Page. We thank you for your help in keeping our kids safe at dismissal.
Finally, now that it's getting colder, we need to make sure our kids are dressed for the weather. We will be outside for recess on days where it is at or above 32 degrees. If your child has lost their jackets, please have them check our lost and found. If you need a winter jacket, hat, gloves, or scarves, please reach out to us. We are here to help!

Go Bulldogs! 

Gwen Abraham 

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