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Newspaper Staff

Newspaper Staff Bios

Newspaper Staff 2016-2017

Tori Patterson

Tori is a sophomore who is a new member to the Newspaper staff. Her interests include writing poetry and learning about history. She is very friendly and outgoing once you get to know her.

Kaylen Kindred

Kaylen is a senior this year. She joined newspaper to step out of her comfort zone. This is her second year in Newspaper staff. She’s very kind, quiet, and gets along with everyone.

Shontese McIntyre

Shontese is a sophomore who never fails at making people laugh. People would describe him as an annoyingly funny guy. People often expect him to sound a certain way so it throws people off when he speaks. He is a nice person overall but sometimes can be mean. He enjoys watching and playing football and needs physical therapy before he can play again. He knows that with his sarcasm and wit, it will be a great year for the Newspaper.

Roger Johns

Roger Johns is a senior who participates in Newspaper, Theatre and Film Club. He is an avid musician and hopes to make it into the music industry. He has a constant drive for improving his musical ability and always strives to be the best at what he does. Like many other people, Roger enjoys watching movies and playing games. His favorite movies include John Wick, Heat and The Avengers. He hopes that his senior year will bring a successful year for the newspaper

Mr. Chamberlin

Mr. Chamberlin has been an English teacher at Garfield Heights High School for 15 years. He primarily teaches 10th grade, with a focus on American Literature. He is also the Yearbook Advisor and the Newspaper Advisor. His interests include Military History, antique machinery, and music. He plays guitar in his free time and he also has a Chocolate Lab named Cleo.

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