Superintendent's Message

Superintendent's Message

Superintendent's Eblast - September '18

September Eblast


The month of September is an exciting time in the Garfield Heights City Schools, as students and staff are officially back into the swing of the educational year… learning… and providing opportunities for our Bulldogs. Special thanks to the many families that participated in this year’s 4th annual Fall Family Fun Night.  Years ago, when this event was being planned, the District hoped to create an event that brought families together to have fun in the name of Garfield Heights School Spirit. We provided food, activities, bounces houses…and the outcome has been a real sense of family and support for our fellow Bulldogs. Congratulations to our raffle winners and to the finalists of our Punt-Pass-Kick competition. Thank you to everyone who attended and participated in this yearly event. 

In the very near future, parents will be given an opportunity to participate in an online survey to ask for feedback on a variety of important topics in the District. The Garfield Heights City Schools asks parents to check the website between now and next Friday, September 28, to participate in this survey, which should take you no longer than 5 minutes to complete. Once again, we value your input, ask for your participation and express our gratitude in-advance, so that we can continually improve and enhance the overall educational experience in the Garfield Heights City Schools. 

Thank you also goes out to the parents who took the time to participate in our Open Houses throughout the District over the last month. Your involvement is critical to supplement the instructional time invested by our teachers and staff in the classroom. Please continue to stay involved, check Progress book, and reach out to your teachers or building administrators any time. 

Finally, on behalf of the Garfield Heights City Schools, I want to communicate that dealing with a tragic incident that involves a member of our school family such as the one that recently occurred is never an easy thing for anyone. We express our continued condolences to the family and other individuals closely associated with Manny and Giselle Lopez. The Garfield Heights City Schools will continue to post resources online, help those in need, and build up our school family whenever and wherever possible. After all, we are Bulldogs, we stick together, and we rely on the mutual support from one another during times of need. 

That’s what it means to be a real Bulldog. Thank you. 


Terry Olszewski 


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