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Garfield Heights City Schools

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Health Records and Health Services

Health Records and Health Services


Health records are maintained because they are required by law. The department keeps track of students' medication needs, special education accommodations if appropriate, immunizations received and needed, allergies, required invasive procedures, and other related services.



 The school district provides the services of a registered nurse as well as the services of nurse aides. These staff assist children and families with their various health issues so that students can attend school and enjoy the successes they deserve. 

Staff in this area provide basic first aid in addition to doing blood pressure checks, postural (scoliosis) screenings, and height-and-weight physicals. 

The staff in this area work to promote positive lifestyles by encouraging children and their families to eat well, maintain proper dietary habits, exercise, and follow the guidelines of their physicians relative to the medications they may be taking. 

Health staff monitor and report outbreaks of communicable diseases and they provide emergency care when needed. They provide the health screenings (vision and hearing primarily) that are mandated by law. They administer medication where allowed and where appropriate. They monitor the immunization records of students to make certain that they are complete and up to date.