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Garfield Heights City Schools

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Interested in preschool? Please follow the steps below to begin the process.
Complete the Preschool interest form and send it to the Preschool Supervisor at William Foster Elementary School at 12801 Bangor Avenue, Garfield Heights, Ohio, 44125. Once the supervisor receives your interest form, they will give you a call to discuss the form. If it is determined that your child has met all eligibility criteria for the preschool program, you will be told by them to contact the board office to complete your enrollment for your child.
Preschool Interest Form:  Preschool Interest Form - updated.pdf

PLEASE NOTE: Space in our preschool is limited, completing the form does not guarantee your child a spot in our preschool.



Once you have created an account for yourself and your child, please call the Board of Education at (216)475-8100 to make an appointment to meet with the Registrar. Please bring the documents listed below with you to your appointment in order to expedite the processing of the student's enrollment.
Proof of Birth:
      Original Birth Certificate (no photocopies or birth letters)
Parent/Guardian Identification (One of the following):
      Driver’s License/State ID
      Work Photo ID
Custody Papers – Finalized with court stamp (if applicable):
      Divorce Decree
      Guardianship or Custody
      Grandparent Power of Attorney
      Journal Entry – Case Worker (must have the district of responsibility listed in the document)
Immunization Records - Required for ALL students
(Kindergarten and Preschool students MUST have a physical as well as immunizations)
School Records (1st gr – 12th gr)
      Last report card / Grades in Progress / Withdrawal Grades
      Official Transcripts (High School Students)
      Test Scores: State and Standardized
Special Education Students
      IEP AND ETR (current copies)
      504 Plan (current copy)
Proof of Residency: A, B, and C must be brought to your appointment
A. One (1) of the following with your name and address:
            Current signed lease (rent receipts are not acceptable)
            Proof of home ownership (settlement statement or mortgage bill)
B. Two (2) of the following with your name and address: (ALL MAIL MUST BE DATED WITHIN 30 DAYS OF THE REGISTRATION APPOINTMENT)
            Utility bill
            Bank statement
            Insurance bill
            Other business mail (no junk mail)
C. Residency and Custody Affidavit – must be notarized 
            Please note: If you are residing with a:
            Homeowner: The homeowner must fill out the Owner’s Affidavit and have it notarized.
             Renter:  The homeowner/landlord must write a letter stating that you and your child are living with the renter on the lease or you and your child's name must be added as occupants on the lease. 
Thank you and welcome to Garfield Heights City Schools!